Posted on July 03, 2017

How did you 6 gentlemen get together?

Friends and family, we began more than 20 years ago for some of us, or 10 years for others. The group got its size when we went to Rome and decided or next step.
What inspired you to commence the pilgrimage?

An old dream ! Nobody from the group had gone to Jerusalem before. The challenge and the adventure of course !

Where did you start from, how long did it take and from which countries did you pass from?

Le Puy, the holy city in the center of France, which is the beginning of most pilgrimages, close to the place where the first crusade was launched (Clermont). We crossed: South of France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel. It took from 8 to 10 days per year during 9 years.


Did you ever feel fear during your journey?

Yes a few times, and particularly in Turkey when we have been awaken by soldiers. We were sleeping in a field, and we had been denounced by a shepherd. And every time we have been overtaken by a lorry..
Did you ever argue between you and why? 

Many times, for all subjects : the itinerary, the food, the place where to sleep.
What do you recall as the funniest incident?

So many incidents.. maybe when we have been received by the TV Maria and the apostolic nonce at Belgrade.
Did you ever consider quitting?

That was not an option. Never ever.
Was it more of a spiritual journey or physical challenge?

It has always been both since the beginning, but of course the arrival was very spiritual.
What is the one most valuable thing you gained from this experience?

So many things. Friendship, knowledge of different countries, never to judge anyone by his general appearance, how to sleep anywhere. But mostly confidence : if you will, you can do it.

How do you feel now that you have accomplished your goal?

Not sad at all. Relieved and stronger.
Now what is the next adventure?

It is being discussed. But we shall certainly try to start the most mythical road : the silk road, from Paris to Beijing. The dream of a life. Full of dangers. Crossing many countries. It will be a mix of adventure and pilgrimage.